How to Pick Pepperoncini Peppers

How to Pick Pepperoncini Peppers. Pepperoncini peppers have a very mild heat as well as a very subtle sweetness. Commonly found in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, it can be a flavorful addition to Greek salads, pizza pies, dressings or even chili recipes. The freshness of a homegrown pepper is far superior to a supermarket find, which in many...

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Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Rutabagas

Chef's Pepper Seeds 3-Pack

This is a flavorful sweet pepper seed collection with some of our customer favorites! Perfect for chefs and gourmet gardeners, these three peppers will spice up any kitchen. Fresh homegrown Paprika is delicious in dishes, Padron peppers are highly sought after by chefs for their mild flesh and rich flavor, and Pepperoncinis are wonderful for pickling or when used fresh in recipes like pizza sauce. Grow your own gourmet peppers in your garden.