Pinterest Board Ideas, Names and Organization for Bloggers

Pinterest board names ideas for bloggers start with SEO (search engine optimization). Pinterest is NOT social media, it’s a search engine and should be treated as such. That’s why Pinterest boards for bloggers who want to improve their blog traffic strategy, should follow a few simple rules. First, figure out your niche, then search it on Pinterest. This will give you new Pinterest board ideas and names. Ready? Read more…

Hawaiian Black Lava Bath Salts – DIY Aromatherapy Bath Soak Recipe

DIY Hawaiian black lava bath salts are a treat for all senses and relieve stress and tension! See how to make aromatherapy bath salt that contains minerals and antioxidants to cleanse and detox the skin. The homemade bath soak recipe is made of activated charcoal infused sea salt, dried flowers and essential oils. The easy tutorial is great for sore muscles, detox and relaxation. Includes free printable gift labels for packaging.

White Vinegar vs Keurig Descaling Solution

If you have a Keurig you may wonder which is better for cleaning it and in this post, I cover how to clean your Keurig with White Vinegar vs Keurig Descaling Solution and which, in my opinion, did a better job.

STOP! Don’t Buy a New Keurig Coffee Maker Before Reading This!

STOP! Don’t Buy a New Keurig Coffee Maker Before Reading This! The first thing you need to know is that before now, we were huge Keurig fans.  I still prefer the old fashioned pot of coffee but my wife is a much more modest coffee drinker so being able...

How to Descale a Keurig with Common Household Items

If you rely on that cup of coffee to get your morning going, be sure you keep your Keurig operating at its optimal best by knowing how to clean a Keurig. Here you’ll find out how easy it is to clean and how to descale a Keurig. If the word “descale” is freaking you out, don’t let it. It isn’t as bad (or gross) as it sounds. Bonus: I bet you have all the ingredients you need to clean and descale your Keurig in your kitchen right now.

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Pot

Discover how to clean a Keurig coffee pot with vinegar and baking soda. Our guide shows you the best way to get your coffee maker and glass free of stains and ready to wake you up and get you going.

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